Vial Products

Fiberboard Box with Grids and Dividers, 100 cell

Product Number: 100C

If you’re looking for cryo storage boxes, these custom fiberboard boxes offer complete printed grids and inner dividers for vial storage. The fiberboard material in these boxes is designed to withstand liquid nitrogen storage and resist deterioration. 

•      Drain slots for LN2 drainage

•      Printed alignment arrows

•      Printed grids on boxes with cell dividers installed

•      Multiple heights of empty boxes to accommodate a variety of heights of vials/tubes

Boxes must be stored in liquid nitrogen as breakdown can occur with extended exposure to ambient temperatures. Includes 100 cells per box.

  • Width: 5 1/5
  • Depth: 5 1/5
  • Height: 2″
  • Printed Grid: Yes
  • Drain Hole: Yes
  • Printed Arrow: Yes
  • Grid: 100 Cell

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