Medium Capacity Storage (875-7,000 Vials)


The CryoMizer™ Class is designed to combine the convenience of sample storage in boxes with the benefit of low liquid nitrogen consumption. CryoMizer™ systems offer the flexibility of storing samples in either liquid phase or vapor phase storage to meet capacity needs up to 7,000 each 2 ml vials. Through the technology of the CryoMizer™ system’s super insulate, temperatures of -185°C can be achieved at the top shelf of sample storage racks, with only 2″ of liquid nitrogen in the tank. 

Vial storage in boxes allows for ease of use and accurate tracking of samples. Every CryoMizer™ comes standard with stainless steel racks, a Max Rack™, roller base and LN₂ measuring rod. Package systems are available with CryoGloves, and polycarbonate or fiberboard inventory boxes.


CryoMizer™ Class