Vapor Shippers



CryoSafe’s™ VS Class Vapor Shippers are the standard when the shipment of samples at cryogenic temperatures is required. The VS Class utilizes a highly effective hydro-phobic absorbent that maintains cryogenic temperatures while eliminating spillage in transit.

The VS Class utilizes advanced technology that can charge the vapor shipper in two hours, providing the benefit of same-day charging and vapor shipping. Shippers come standard with either racks or canisters, excluding VS 7 and VS 8. Reusable shipping cartons provide additional protection and safety during shipment.

CryoSafe’s™ VS Class offers reliable, safe shipping at cryogenic temperatures for up to 60 days and between 24 and 1134 each 2 ml vial capacity.

Optional shipping cartons are available for all vapor shippers and come standard with VS 7 and VS 8.


Vapor Shippers